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Youtube Video Downloader 1080p HD

How To Choose The Right Format On A YouTube Video Downloader 1080p

These days, it is no longer a surprise. You can find a YouTube video downloader 1080p and download your favorite movies, videos and podcasts in HD quality for offline views. You can store them on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer without having to worry about an online connection.

Not only do you prevent your advice from downloading those videos again and again (and ruining your monthly data allowance), but there are also situations when you simply cannot go online. Imagine a five hour flight and no one to talk to – nothing is better than a bunch of videos or movies.

Now, when it comes to using a classic 1080p YouTube downloader, you might want to become familiar with the formats you can download. The operation is simple for all downloader – get the YouTube video URL, make sure it is not private or age restricted, choose the format (video or audio, MP3 MP4 and so on), then hit the download button and get the file on your drive – do it one video at a time.

Unless you are after a tutorial on how to change the headlight bulb in your car, chances are you want a high quality video. Luckily, almost every free online converter can do it, without having to worry about rights reserved. But then, what do you need to know about the formats?

Most common options and results

Most platforms to download YouTube videos will let you choose what kind of video you want – such as a quality 1080p video. You can also choose the format. There are a few formats that stand out in the crowd due to their popularity – AVI, 3GP, MOV and MP4.

Choosing the right format will affect the final result. Most issues affect the compatibility. Some formats do not work on certain devices (such as smartphones) unless you download third party applications. On another note, the format will also affect the quality.

Not worried about quality?

If quality is not necessarily your priority, you can easily go with the 3GP format. This format will save the audio at a pretty high quality, while the video will be clear enough. The format is more suitable for mobile devices with small screens. Other than that, it is not that much impressive.

What really matters is size is tiny. At this point, those with old mobile devices that lack memory expansion features will most likely have to stick to 3GP videos from YouTube.

Interested in maximum compatibility?

Whether you are interested to download YouTube 1080p or you simply want as much compatibility as possible, MP4 is what you need. You can download a video from YouTube and watch it on pretty much anything. It is the video equivalent of classic MP3s, yet it supports both audio and video. You can watch your 1080p movie on smartphones or laptops.

How about other formats?

If you use a YouTube downloader 1080p for your laptop or computer, AVI is excellent if you run Windows. It was developed by Microsoft and works without too much hassle on most computers and laptops.

MOV is another common option when you want to download YouTube videos 1080p. It is Apple’s video format, so you should have no problems on Mac.

In the end, choosing the right format on a YouTube video downloader 1080p clearly depends on your needs, the device you use and available memory.​

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