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YouTube Playlist Downloader Bit Rate Explained – How Many Kbps Do You Need?


You can forget about struggling to download one YouTube video after another in order to get your video playlist offline. These days, you can learn how to download a playlist from YouTube without too much hassle. You will either get a bunch of files or an archive with all the required files.

The process is similar to downloading a file. You get the playlist URL, hit the button to convert it, then hit the download button to get it on your drive. You only need one click to get it there. Based on the size of the playlist, the conversion process may take anywhere between a few seconds and a few minutes.

Most people opt for the MP3 format, meaning they only need the audio part – whether they want it on their smartphones while in the gym or a USB drive for their long road trips. Now, no matter what online YouTube playlist downloader you use, you will have more options for the format. Some of them will also allow you to download YouTube playlists in various types of MP3.

You see a bunch of numbers and you can see different sizes, but do they really matter when about to download videos? Here is everything you need to know about those numbers.

Insane mode

The insane mode is the most sought after option in MP3. When searching how to download a YouTube playlist, lots of people include the bit rate as well. You will often find it in the suggestions if you look up through a search engine. Most commonly, it comes out in 320kbps, meaning just under 2.5MB per minute in size.

Some experts believe this format is a bit of an overkill. The difference is not impressive when you compare this preset to the next one in line, but the file size is larger. To those who do not care about wasting a bit of memory, getting the best of the best will have them click download on 320kbps.

Extreme mode

The extreme mode is self explanatory – your playlist download will bring in an extremely high quality. Results may vary slightly from one YouTube playlist downloader to another though. Results could be a bit transparent.

In terms of quality, some people may not be able to tell the difference between this mode and the insane one. The difference in size is pretty obvious though, so the extreme mode provides better value for space.

Standard and medium modes

These are some of the common options when you download YouTube videos. The standard mode provides high quality encoding, but not the best. The medium standard brings in good sound quality – great for a picnic, but not the best option if you are an audio enthusiast.

In conclusion, a bit of attention will push you in the right direction when about to download YouTube playlist MP3 online. Picking the right quality standard will help prevent disappointment once you start playing your list offline. If not sure, try out various standards with one file only, rather than a whole playlist.

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