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Top 3 Audio Formats When Using A YouTube Music Downloader – MP3 Vs. MP4 Vs. WAV

Choosing a YouTube music downloader may seem fairly simple first. You look up online and you will find hundreds of online apps and softwares to convert your favorite YouTube videos into MP3 files for your PC music library. But now, you probably ask yourself – what is the best way to use an app legally and come up with great quality standards and clear audio?

Learning how to download songs from YouTube will give you access to a few different formats. All of them are available for free. Which one do you like? A bit of research will point you in the right direction and will show you the optimal way to get as much clarity as possible.

Classic MP3

The MP3 audio file is a classic. Pretty much every YouTube song downloader will provide access to this option. Its most significant feature is the capability to compress files efficiently. Basically, you get a high quality music files without wasting too much memory, as files are extremely small. From this point of view, MP3 is popular for mobile playing devices, such as smartphones, MP3 players and USB sticks.

Learning how to download music from YouTube in MP3 is fairly simple. Get the YouTube video URL you want or search for it, convert it with a click and download it on your device with another click. The best part about MP3 is its compatibility with pretty much any device that can read audio files. It provides an excellent balance between quality, portability and convenience.

Modern MP4

MP4 is quite modern when compared to MP3. Some believe it represents a better version of MP3, but this is only a misconception. More and more softwares allow this format when you save music from YouTube. The name similarity is the only thing these formats have in common. At the same time, you should know that MP4 is also referred to as a video format, as it can be both.

The format can hold video, music files and other types of media. The data is in the actual file and not in the code. Compared to MP3, MP4 requires other codecs to play on your device. Not all players can take it.

Old school WAV

The WAV file brings in volume and sound, but not throughout the entire file. You can change a WAV file to 180 degrees using various software and compression, but this is not standard. This format is most commonly associated with computer music – Windows, more precisely.

To understand how WAV formats work, imagine the sea waves. The water is strong and loud if the wave is high. The same rule applies to the waveforms in this format. With the increasing popularity of MP4 and the compatibility standards of MP3, the WAV format is not so popular anymore, yet you can still find it in almost every YouTube music downloader.

Bottom line, learning how to download YouTube music is not that difficult, but it pays off having a few hints about the available formats.

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