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Using A YouTube Music Converter – Different Types Of MP3 Quality Standards Explained

Finding a YouTube music converter is not difficult with so many options out there. A simple search over the Internet will provide hundreds of results. Some of them will come up with similar results in terms of speed and quality, while the operating principles are similar for most of them – get to your favorite YouTube song converter, get the video URL or YouTube link, convert the file, hit the download button and you are about to have a new MP3 file on your device.

Now, if you try to download the same music over two different platforms, you may notice different quality standards. Where is the catch then?

Different standards explained

There are more standards to keep in mind when about to convert music from YouTube. The MPEG Layer 3 format (MP3 format) can take various standards of data compression. Some of the most common ones include 128kbps and 256kbps, but you can also find smaller or higher standards. If the bit rate is low, the compression is quite high. At this point, the audible experience is relatively low.

On the other hand, a high bit rate underlines a low compression, meaning you can hear way more detail. Opt for the highest number you can find when using an online YouTube converter.

Different types of MP3 coding

On a similar note, there are a few different types of MP3 coding. One of them is constant, while the other is variable. If the coding is constant, the same standard of data compression is given throughout the whole file. Therefore, the audio will sound constant and smooth.

If the coding is variable, the limited quantity of data will be applied in a more efficient manner. Some parts of your YouTube video will be more complex, while others will be relatively simple. In simple words, variable encoding saves up some data from less sophisticated passages, only to supply this data to more demanding parts of your music. From many points of view, the variable option will sound better, but this is not always a general rule.

Different encoders and results

Last, but not least, it is important to know that YouTube videos over a YouTube to music converter will come with different quality results depending on the encoder used in the process.

An MP3 encoder has a simple purpose – taking the audio file and outputting it in a file that follows the requirements. The decoder does the other thing around. The MP3 format is a bit ambiguous because the encoding process is not thoroughly defined, so there are lots of encoders out there. Convert YouTube song to MP3 over a few different encoders and you will get different results – even if you rely on the same bit rate.

In the end, deciding on the right music converter takes more than just speed and safety. You also want the music to sound right. You want to be able to turn the volume up inside your car without the music to sound distorted, so make sure you pay attention to these standards.

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