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3 Simple Ways To Keep Safe When Using A YouTube MP3 Downloader

There are a series of reasons wherefore more and more people want to convert videos from YouTube into the MP3 format. Some of them want some music for their car road trips, while others simply enjoy playing music while walking, cleaning their houses or relaxing. Playing your favorite song on repeat is certainly better than hitting the replay button every few minutes.

Now, learning how to download YouTube MP3 files is fairly simple. You usually need the video URL, let the software or platform convert the file, hit the download button and save a copy on your drive. Most of these online platforms are available for free. In fact, if you are asked for personal details or payments, you should simply move on to the next software.

Now, in an ocean of programs that can download MP3 from YouTube, there are plenty of useless softwares willing to bring in viruses and malware on your computer too. So, what are the first things to pay attention to before deciding on the right platform for YouTube videos?

Make sure the software works as advertised

Give your YouTube MP3 downloader a bit of testing upfront. It should work as advertised – you only need the YouTube video URL and a few minutes of your time. Does this program tend to breakdown? Do you get any scary alerts about random stuff (usually viruses)? Unless these alerts come from your actual software, they underline a problematic website.

Other than that, the MP3 file must have a high quality and should be available in the full length. The whole process takes less than 30 seconds for classic music files. It might help if the YouTube downloader MP3 also provides a preview of the song, only to make sure you get the right file.

Keep an eye on popups and ads

Most websites that let you save YouTube to MP3 are free. They have to make money somehow – usually through advertising. Ads are perfectly normal. But then, some of them tend to become aggressive. Popups can be blocked by most blockers these days, yet some of them go further. If you experience popups that cannot be closed because they provide dialog windows asking for something in particular, close the program or software and look elsewhere.

Some of these popups will automatically load other websites, which may also have dialog boxes, which will become a vicious circle that takes ages to get out of.

Ads are totally acceptable, but your YouTube MP3 download software should not become invasive.

Watch out for antivirus alerts

Any antivirus alert should indicate a problem, so you should simply go to another converter. On the same note, make sure the alerts are real. Some ads are identical to antivirus alerts.

Bottom line, a little attention to small details will indicate a genuine and safe platform to download YouTube MP3. While you may get ads or popups from pretty much every portal out there, it is important to avoid the aggressive or invasive ones that may cause longterm damage.​

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