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Youtube Movie Downloader

Is It Legal To Use A YouTube Movie Downloader?

Getting a YouTube movie downloader is fairly simple and quick. Plus, there are plenty of reasons to give it a good try. For instance, you can watch your favorite videos without having an Internet connection, which is great when you travel – especially by plane.

Learning how to download YouTube movies is just as good if you have a limited data allowance per month. A movie would grab a good slice of it. Simply download the YouTube movie while at home, over your wireless connection. You can then watch it anywhere without worrying about data.

Most importantly, you can do it for free. Choose your favorite YouTube downloader, use the search box or paste the URL yourself, convert the video and click the download button when done. The file will go on your drive within seconds only. Make sure you have enough time – videos take more than an MP3 file.

Now, you probably ask yourself – can you download movie from YouTube legally? Are you allowed to grab a file for offline uses? Will you get a fine if you do it? Will anyone ever check whether or not you use an online YouTube movie downloader to watch some videos during your flight?

The legal profile of YouTube downloads

Generally speaking, there are a few rules you should be aware of before learning how to download movies from YouTube. For instance, if you have permission from the copyright holder, you are free to download the video file and enjoy it offline. This is less likely to happen when you are about to download your favorite music.

On another note, anything in the public domain can be downloaded without too much hassle. It is out there and it is free for use, so it can go on your drive. The same rule applies if you actually own the video yourself.

Now, each place has its own rules and laws. While not always a legal aspect, you are usually allowed to download stuff online – as long as you do not share it. Therefore, even if you get your favorite movie to watch over a flight, make sure you do not share it over the Internet, upload it somewhere else or share it over P2P software.

YouTube’s proprietary terms of service

YouTube is not very happy with you grabbing its videos, but it does not have any algorithms to determine such things. The terms and conditions state that you are allowed to stream its videos over its servers only. In other words, YouTube does not allow using a YouTube movie downloader.

There are no known cases of anyone having issues from this point of view because no one can detect such things. Make sure you download public videos (no age restricted stuff, as you might need to login) and you will be alright.

Bottom line, finding a YouTube movie downloader will not expose you to any risks if you follow some simple rules. It is all about common sense. Do not share what you download over the Internet or offline or you could become a pirate. Other than that, there are no actual issues.​

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