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How To Find A Fastest Online YouTube Downloader Without Compromising Your Safety


Finding a reliable YouTube downloader may seem relatively simple at first. A simple search over the Internet will provide plenty of legal options. Choosing one tool that works may not seem too complicated either. Load the link, paste the URL link and press a button to convert – voilà!

The bad news is that not every online video downloader out there will get the job done right. While you will end up with an MP3 file on your computer, you may also expose yourself to lots of risks and dangers if you go to the wrong website.

At this point, you probably ask yourself – how do I download or save a YouTube video or MP3 without exposing myself to viruses or malware?

Avoid entering personal info

Personal information is not necessary when you try to download YouTube videos for free. After all, why would someone ask you for it? It is not like they plan to send it to you on a CD. If you can watch a YouTube video without having to login (no sensitive or age restricted information), you should be able to use a free YouTube download software without having to enter your details.

Any kind of personal information should be avoided. Whether it comes to your debit or credit card, your PayPal email address, your phone number or your address, simply close the page and go somewhere else.

Obviously, you might find a free YouTube downloader that also has a premium feature. Such a membership may provide access to extra features, such as higher quality sound. Memberships must be mentioned upfront or as you install the software. Also, they are not necessarily needed, as even the fastest video and audio downloader will be able to do it for free.

Download from YouTube

Some YouTube video converters will not necessarily convert YouTube videos. You will find a download button for the file you want, but the download does not go over YouTube. Instead, you might end up with an easy to use software that allows you to download video files on your PC from external sources.

Double check the URL the video comes from. Such a so-called YouTube downloader will actually download music illegally. You could download videos from illegal archives or P2P programs. Even if the program is fast and reliable, make sure the file you save is from the right site.

Finally, if the program you use asks you to unblock anything for your vid downloads or you have to add certain exceptions to download videos from YouTube, it may not necessarily be the most reliable tool out there. You can download YouTube videos without having to worry about exceptions and restrictions.

Bottom line, while you can find a YouTube downloader everywhere you look, not all of them are reliable enough to be used. Moreover, some of them may bring in illegal uses and activities, so they must be avoided. Keep it safe and remember – some things are simply too good to be true.​

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