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Choosing A YouTube Audio Downloader – Why MP3s Are Better Than Videos

Finding a reliable YouTube audio downloader could be a bit tricky. After all, there are loads of options out there, but not all of them may provide the required results – poor sound quality or too many ads and malware. But before learning how to download audio from YouTube, you might ask yourself – why would I download YouTube audio only? Why would I download YouTube videos in the MP3 format?

There are, indeed, a few good reasons wherefore you can find so many platforms to convert videos into the MP3.

Choosing MP3 over video

You could easily download a YouTube video. Enter the video URL in the software or the platform, convert it and download it. It may take a couple of minutes to convert it. It depends on how long the video is, as well as whether it is high quality or not. Then, the actual download takes a few minutes more. At this point, it depends on your Internet connection. As for the size of the file, it depends on the video. It could be a small video or it could be a file the size of a long movie.

But then, the MP3 format is more common in this industry. Here is why.

Faster downloads

No matter how small or poor in quality a video is, it is more likely to be larger than an MP3 file in size. From this point of view, the actual conversion will take longer. The same rule applies to the download. If you are trying to save YouTube audio files to enrich your audio library, you might have to spend a bit of time doing more files at once.

If you choose “download” YouTube audio, the process will take less time. You could download a dozen MP3 files while still waiting for your video to convert, just to give you an idea.

Less space

Other than that, an MP3 file is small in size and will never outweigh the associated video. If you are after writing a CD for your car or perhaps putting some music on a USB stick for your next road trip, choosing to download audio from YT will save lots of space.

If you feel like space is not enough on your drive, your smartphone memory is insufficient or you simply want to fit more music on a device for your car, download YT audio and these issues will become history. Many converters allow you to enter the YouTube video URL and choose the format – more formats available for audio as well.

As a short final conclusion, the possibility to have YouTube audio will bring in a bunch of benefits that will certainly outweigh videos. If you are after the music only, the video is not relevant anyway. Unless it is a video tutorial on how to do something, chances are you could do with the MP3 file only, whether you want some music for a road trip or you like playing music while you clean the house.

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