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Legal Information

Hello, we are It is a fast, simple, and legal utility for converting YouTube to MP3 downloads. Here we try to answer any legal question for our community.


We always want to help people convert videos that they need later in download form, especially:

* Instructional videos
* Lectures and e-learning videos
* Language repetition and foreign language conversation videos
* Other videos for download repetitions and practice.

This utility specializes in converted videos like these. We design for students, hobbyists, and professionals who need to access to learning and instructional material as an MP3 download.

We make this utility available for free to people who need the clean and easy way for accessing YouTube videos offline. We started for one simple reason: because converting was too complicated and damaging to your computer and phone. So here we make the clean alternative!


We do not store (“Cache”) any MP3s, and we do not track any videos that are downloaded. Every video is converted realtime and never pre-stored. We ask all users to help us keep our site clear of copyright material as a member of our responsible community.


We do not actively maintain and only make this utility available for the responsible use of everyone.
We always want to try to help any copyright owner if they think their video is being converted and they do not want this. We do not have any system to verify if anyone is converting your copyright YouTube video, because we have no logs for tracking conversions. We are only a utility, not a tracking service and do not know what people convert. But we are happy for setting a block to prevent it from converting. So please send an email to us at [email protected] and we will try to help you.
Thank you and always note that we offer this as a courtesy. This is not an actively maintained site so we only check when possible in the free time. We do not have any legal obligation to block any video, but offer as a most kind gesture to the community for greater harmony.
But, if you want to block a video, we must prove you own the copyright. So please send us this information with your request:

* The specific YouTube URL of the video you want block.
* A piece of confirmed physical or electronic evidence on behalf of the copyright owner or claimant proving the ownership.
* We need the specific description of the work allegedly being infringed (special note: we have no way to check if a video was converted)
* Contact information to contact for confirmations: the address, telephone number, and the email address.

We always strive for the most harmonious, legal site.
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